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30th Birthday Party Invitations Page 1

Click on small images below for a larger view of 30th birthday invitations

African Safari Party Invitations
5 x 7

Surprise Party Invitation - 30th Birthday
Thirties Fun - Surprise
7 x 5"

430th birthday invitations
Package and Stripes
5 x 7

elegant 30th birthday invitations
B1643 Nostalgic 30
5 x 7"

Eiffel Tower Birthday Invitations
B1847 Eiffel Tower
5 x 7

Tropical Birthday Party Invitations
B692 Fun in the Sun
5 x 7

hot peppers 30th birthday party invitations
B065 Red Peppers
5 x 7
tropical breeze 30th birthday invitaions
Tropical Breeze 7 x 5"
30th birthday party invitations
B1991 Branch on Blue
5 x 7

Suggested Wording for
Thirtieth Party Invitations

1.   Thirty drifts in like a tropical breeze
      so come and join us, won't you please?
      (for tropical themed 30th birthday invitations)
2.   Older and wiser, but still plenty "flirty"
      Allison Spencer is turning 30!
      Please join us in celebrating
      Allison's 30th Birthday
3.   Put a flower in your hair
      and find some island clothes to wear.
      Kick off your shoes and wear a lei
      to a luau to celebrate
      Elizabeth's 30th birthday!
      (tropical, island and luau invitations)
4.   Tammy's Turning 30 . . .
      That's still not over the cuesta!
      Please join her friends for fun and food
      at a surprise birthday fiesta!
      (for Mexican or fiesta 30th invitations)
5.   Time waits for no man and Tom's no exception,
      But age, like beauty, is just a perception!
      Please join us in celebrating
      Tom's 30th birthday
6.   The twenties were good, but thirty is great
      so let's get together and celebrate
      Jennifer Wilson's 30th Birthday
7.   Another dog gone year's gone by . . .
      A milestone birthday's near
      So join the celebration
      as Kim starts her 30th year!
8.   The numeral 30 is simply statistical
      unless it's an age . . .
      then the figure is mystical!
9. Gosh and b'glory, Tom's reached his 30th year!
      So join us for a wee bit of blarney
      and a lot of Irish cheer!
      (for Irish theme 30th birthday invitations)
10. A 30th birthday is a red carpet affair
      We're planning a party
      and hope you'll be there!
      (for Hollywood and movie theme parties)
11.  He's right on par and happy as can be . . .
       Larry Granger is turning 30!
      (for golf theme invitations)
12. Dog Gone . . .
      A 30th birthday can be really "ruff"
      But we can make it better
      if we celebrate enough!
      (for invitations featuring a dog design)
13. Turning thirty is really great!
      Please join us as we celebrate
      Caroline's 30th Birthday
14. Help us make memories that will always last
      as we revive disco from the past!
      (for disco and dance theme party invitations)
15. Monica is turning thirty
      and the party's under control . . . 
      We'll celebrate like they did in the fifties
      with some good old Rock and Roll!
17.  The food will be hot - The music will be too
      We're having a party and we need you!
      Please join us to celebrate
      Amanda's 30th Birthday
      (for Mexican or fiesta themed celebrations)
16. A special birthday for a special friend . . .
      We hope you'll help us celebrate
      as her twenties end!
18.  Some friends are like gold . . . 
      Some birthdays are too!
      We want to celebrate both blessings with you.
19.  Thirty is a super age, so let's honor Clara
       as she takes center stage!
20. Thirty is not ancient, but join us for a while
      as we mark the grand occasion
      with a party Egyptian Style
      (for Egyptian theme parties)