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3rd Birthday Invitations - Page 1

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3rd Birthday Cake Party Invitations
 Birthday Cake
7 x 5"

Football 3rd Birthday Invitations
Football Party
7 x 5"

Turning Three Birthday Party Invitations
7 x 5"

Farm theme 3rd Birthday Invitations
Farmland Friends
7 x 5"

Cake and Dots 3rd Birthday Invitations
Cake and Dots
7 x 5"

Chihuahua 3rd Birthday Invitation
B2196 Chihuahuas and Cake
7 x 5"

Pizza Party 3rd Birthday Invitations
B3669 Pizza Party
5 x 7"

Bumblebee 3rd Birthday Invitations
Buzz Buzz
7 x 5"

Fox 3rd Birthday Invitations
B1347 Foxy
5 x 7"

Sample Wording for our 3rd Birthday Invitations

1.  Join the panda-monium . . . It's sure to be wild
     We're celebrating the birthday
     of a "beary" special child!
      (for panda theme party invitations)

2.  Kaleigh's turning three and that takes the cake . . .    Don't duck out on her party, for goodness sake!
     (for duck theme birthday invitations)

3.  We can hardly believe it,
     but another year is done
     So roll on over and help build a load of fun!
     (for construction theme invitations)

4.  Feliz Cumpleaņos
     We'll have tacos and a piņata to break . . . 
     and we'll put three candles on the birthday cake!
     Please join us for Hunter's 3rd Birthday Party
     (for Mexican or fiesta theme parties)

5.   A little bird told me that a birthday's on the way
      So come and help us celebrate
      on Hunter's special day!
      Please join us for Hunter's 3rd Birthday Party
      (for invitations with birds)

6.   A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take
      to plan a celebration and have a special cake!
      (for farm, tractor and barnyard theme parties)

7.   Three is an extra super age . . .
      so help celebrate as Caitlyn takes center stage!
      (for rock star and superstar theme parties)

8.    Hurry!  Hurry!  Don't be late!
       We need you here to celebrate
       Noah's 3rd Birthday
        for fire truck theme invitations)

9.   Join the crew and be our guest
       for birthday fun and a treasure chest!
       Wyatt's 3rd Birthday Party
       (for pirate theme parties)

10.  A special day will soon arrive . . .
       And things are really buzzing
       at the Crendall Hive!
       Please join us for Elizabeth's 3rd Birthday

11.  A dino-mite party for a dino-mite kid . . .
       Come help us celebrate -
       You'll be glad you did!
       Tyler's 3rd Birthday Party
       (for dinosaur theme invitations)

12.  Just a little note to say
       we're planning to celebrate a special day!
       Please join for Jasmine's 3rd Birthday Party
       (for music and dance themed parties)

13.  Her royal highness is turning three
       and a party we are planning.
       So come and join us for a spell . . .
       It's sure to be enchanting!
       (for princess and castle themed invitations)

14.  The cake will have 3 candles . . .
       There'll be games and prizes too!
       We planning a Dino-mite party
       and all we need is you!
       (for dinosaur themed invitations)

The sample wording above is specifically for 3rd Birthday Invitations from Tiny Tidings.