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5th Birthday Invitations - Page 1





Click on image for larger view of 5th birthday invitations

Birthday Truck - 5th Birthday Invitation
B1141 Fifth Birthday Truck
7 x 5"

Super Five Birthday Party Invitations 
B1458 Super Five
7 x 5"

Mexican Chihuahua Birthday Invitation for Kids
B219 Chihuahuas and Cake
7 x 5"

Pink Ladybug 5th Birthday Invitation
B1752 Pink Ladybug Party
7 x 5"

Birthday Truck - 5th Birthday Invitation
B1730 Construction Trucks
5 x 7"

Ladybug Party Invitation
B1751 Ladybug Party
7 x 5"

Dragon and Cake 5th Birthday Invitations
B3028 Dragon and Cake
7 x 5"

Bee is for Birthday 5th Birthday Invitations
B1921 Bee is for Birthday
7 x 5"

Wish Witch 5th Birthday Invitation
B3500 Wish Witch
7 x 5"

Sample Wording for our 3rd Birthday Invitations

1.  Jump in your truck and put it in drive-
     Help us celebrate as
     Trevor Turns Five!

2.  Kaleigh's turning five and that takes the cake . . .
     Don't duck out on her party, for goodness sake!
     (for duck theme birthday invitations)

3.  A football and a birthday is all that it will take
     to plan a special party
     and put 5 candles on the cake!
     (for football  theme invitations)

4.  Feliz Cumpleaņos
     We'll have tacos and a piņata to break . . . 
     and we'll put five candles on the birthday cake!
     Please join us for Hunter's 5th Birthday Party
     (For our Chihuahuas and Cake Invitation)

5.   Turning five is really great
       so swing on over to help celebrate
       Trenton's 5th Birthday
      (for monkey themed invitations)

6.   A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take
      to plan a celebration and have a special cake!
      (for farm, tractor and barnyard theme parties)

7.   Five is an extra super age . . .
      so help celebrate as Caitlyn takes center stage!
      (for rock star and superstar theme parties)

8.    Kick up your heels and celebrate
       at a 5th Birthday Party
       that will really take the cake!
        for Karate theme invitations)

9.   Join the crew and be our guest
       for birthday fun and a treasure chest!
       Wyatt's 5th Birthday Party
       (for pirate theme parties)

10.  A special boy with a winning smile
       is about to finish another mile!
       Please join us to celebrate
       Dylan's 5th Birthday!
       (for bicycle, motorcycle and racing invitations)

11.  Grab your shoes and bowling ball -
        And mosey on over for a party, yall!
       (especially for our Pin Pals Bowling Invitation)

12.  Aaron's turning five and he can hardly wait-
       So blow your horn and join the fun
       and help us celebrate!

13. A camouflage party with plenty of action
      and a birthday boy as the main attraction!

       (for camping, army and camouflage invitations)

14.  Her royal highness is turning five
       and a party we are planning . .  .
       So come and join us for a spell
       It's sure to be enchanting!
       (For princess, fairy and castle invitations)

The sample wording above is specifically for 5th Birthday Invitations from Tiny Tidings.