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90th Birthday Invitations - Page 1




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Birthday Invites - Nostalgic Pink
B1765 Nostalgic 90 Pink
5 x 7"
religious birthday invitation
B1708 This is the Day
5 x 7"
80th Birthday Party Invitations
B1779 Nostalgic Blue
5 x 7"
90th birthday tropical invitation
B1789 Tropical Breeze - 90
7 x 5"
Nostalgia Border 90th Birthday Invitation
Nostalgia Border
7 x 5
90th Birthday Cake Party Invitation
B3014 90th Birthday Cake
7 x 5"
formal 90th birthday invitation
B389 Formal Ninety
7 x 5"
90th Birthday Invitations
B3609 Old Mill
7 x 5"
Classic Car Birthday Invitation
C3006 Classic Car
7 x 5"

Suggested Wording  for 90th Birthday Invitations

1.  Ninety drifts in like a tropical breeze,
     so come and join us, won't you please?
     (for tropical theme 90th birthday parties)

2.  Turning ninety is really great!
     Please come help us celebrate
     Robert's 90th Birthday

3.  He's right on par and happy as can be . . .'
     Cause the best age of all is Nine-Tee!
     (for golf theme 90th birthday party invites)

4.  A ninetieth birthday is not so alarming
     but we've found the cause for global warming!
    (perfect for invitations with birthday cake designs)

5.  Ninety is a super age
     so let's honor Frank
     as he takes center stage!

6.  A precious treasure from above . . .
     Ninety years of memories and love.
     A legacy formed through faith and prayers
     and the ageless spirit of life he shares!
     Please join us to celebrate the 90th Birthday of
     Joshua W. Pendleton

7.  Eighty was good, but ninety is great
     so let's get together and celebrate
     Wade's 90th Birthday

8.  Time waits for no man and Tom's no exception,
      but age, like beauty, is just a perception!
      It's a 90th Birthday Celebration for James Carson

9.  A very special birthday of a very special friend
      If you can't attend the party - a card we hope you'll send!
      (suggested wording for 90th birthday card showers)

10. Gosh and b'glory, Tom's reached his 90th year!
      So join us for a wee bit of blarney and a lot of Irish cheer!
      (especially for Irish themed birthday invitations)

11. The symphony's not finished . . . The best part's yet to come!
      Please join us for a noteworthy occasion
      James Harper's 90th Birthday Party

The suggested wording above is specifically for 90th Birthday Party Invitations from Tiny Tidings.