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Anniversary Invitations - Page 1

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Floral Anniversary
25th Anniversary
50th Anniversary 

Click on image for larger view of wedding anniversary invitations

Ivy Trellis Wedding Aniversary Invitation
B752 Ivy Trellis
7 x 5"
Painted Iris
B836 Wedding Flutes
Anniversary Invitations
5 x 7"
Wedding Doves 40th Anniversary Invitation
B100 Wedding Dove
7 x 5"
60th anniversary card - butterfly
B355 Fritillary
7 x 5"
Morning Glories
B801 Morning Glories
5 x 7"
Lilacs wedding anniversary invitations
B348 Victorian Lilacs
7 x 5"
Anniversary Announcements
B829 Hearts Entwined
7 x 5"
Religious anniversary invitation
B057 Cross and Doves
5 x 7"
Silver Daffodils and Heart Anniversary invitations
C2088 Daffodils and Heart
Silver -
7 x 5"

Our Wedding Anniversary Invitations are custom printed and we will print any message you like.  If you need some examples, the suggested wordings below can be used as a guide.  The invitations on this page are shown with wording for anniversary celebrations, but you may choose any of our designs for the occasion.  Popular ideas for anniversary parties  include beach, fiesta, Irish, BBQ and luau themes. To see examples of these designs and many more, visit our All Occasion Page.  If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.

Suggested Wordings for Anniversary Invitations

1.  Because you are such an important part
      of our lives and of our happiness,
      we invite you to celebrate
      our Tenth Anniversary

 2.  Please join us to share
      a special moment in our lives
      as we celebrate our
      Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

 3.  Please join us and share in our
      Renewal of Vows
      on our
      20th Wedding Anniversary

 4.  Please join us, our children and grandchildren
      as we celebrate a lifetime of love on
      our 75th Anniversary

 5.  Love is like a garden that requires continuous care
      We're celebrating our blossoming love
      and hope to see you there
      Please join us for our 30th Wedding Anniversary

 6.  Though they've been married 20 years, there are still stars in their eyes
      Come join us as we honor them with an Anniversary Surprise!

 7.  Times have changed since they had a horse and carriage
      Come help us celebrate 75 beautiful years of marriage
      Please join with us as we honor a very special couple

 8.  A Silver Anniversary is a special occasion
      so join their friends and family for a "love"ly celebration

 9.  Please join us with our family and friends
      to celebrate love that grows but never ends

10.  The honor of your presence is requested
       at the 40th Anniversary Celebration

11.  Please bring a short story or photo
       for inclusion in a special memory book
       35 years of Marriage!

12.  The love of friends and family is a very special treasure
       Please join us for a celebration of love too great to measure

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