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Baby Shower Invitations
Butterflies, Dragonflies and Bumblebees

Boy or Girl
Baby Boy
Baby Girl
Twin Baby
Theme Baby 
Holiday Baby Shower

Click on image for larger view of Baby Shower Invitations

Butterfly Border Baby Shower Invitations for Girls
B229 Butterflies
5 x 7"


butterfly border baby shower invitation
B937 Butterflies and Hearts
7 x 5"
butterfly theme baby shower invitation
B840 Pink Butterflies
5 x 7"
Bumblebee theme Baby Shower Invitations
B787 Buzz
7 x 5"
Bumblebee Baby Shower Shower Invites
B228 Bumblebees
5 x 7"
Dragonfly baby shower invitation
B163 Baby Dragonfly
7 x 5"


blue dragonfly baby shower invitations
B561 Blue Dragonfly
5 x 7"


Dragonfly Border Baby Shower Invitations
C985 Dragonfly Border
7 x 5"
Pink Dragonfly Baby Shower Invitations
B562 Pink Dragonfly
5 x 7"

Wording for Butterfly and Bumblebee Baby Shower Invitations

Our baby shower invitations are custom printed, so you may use any wording you like. When deciding on the wording for baby shower invitations, you may use the sample wording shown on our online samples, use the suggestions below as a guide, or be as creative as you wish.  You may also add your own poem or verse to completely personalize your baby shower invitation.

1.  Happiness flutters on gossamer wings
     with a joy that only a new baby brings.
     Please join us for a Baby Shower
    (for butterfly theme baby showers)

2.  A special little boy will soon arrive
     and things are really buzzing at the Kendall hive!
    (for bumblebee theme baby showers)

3.  What's the buzz?  Someone new will soon arrive.
     There's going to be a baby at the Davidson hive!
    (for bumblebee theme baby showers)