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Baby Shower Invitations Girl or Boy - Page 1

Boy or Girl
Ducks and Ducklings Irish
Jungle and Safari Sports
Boy or Girl
Page 1
Boy or Girl
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Click on image for larger view of Baby Shower Invitations for Girls or Boys
Baby Owl Shower Invitations
B2177 Owl
5 x 7"
Duck Themed Shower Invitations
B4665 Duck Crossing
5 x 7"
fishy baby shower invitation
B3412 Fishy
5 x 7"
stork baby shower invitation
B867 Stork and Baby Bundle
7 x 5"
Cow and Moon Baby Shower Invitations
B704 Cow and Moon
7 x 5"
Baby Dragonfly Shower Invitation
B163 Baby Dragonfly
7 x 5"
owl baby shower invitation
B3234 Sleepy Owl
5 x 7"
Fish theme baby shower invitations
B141 Fishing Budiies
5 x 7"
cow theme baby shower invitations
B1539 Cow with Green Dots
7 x 5"
Rock Star Baby Shower Invitations
B2432 Rock Star Baby
5 x 7"

Suggested Wording for Baby Shower Invitations

Our baby shower invitations are custom printed, so you may use any wording you like. When deciding on the wording,  you may use the sample wording shown on our online samples, use the suggestions below as a guide, or be as creative as you wish.  You may also add your own poem or verse to completely personalize your card.

1 .  Every good and perfect gift is from above
      James 1:7
      Please join us for a baby shower

2.   A special little boy will soon arrive
      and things are really buzzing
      around the Kendall hive.
      Please join us for a Baby Shower
      (for bumblebee theme baby shower  invitations)

3.  Hey Diddle Diddle, the best news is little!
     Please join us for a Baby Shower

4.  There'll soon be a little more to do on laundry day
     A special couple that we know has a baby on the way!
     (for showers featuring baby clothes)

5.  The nursery is waiting and Lisa is too . . .
     We're planning a shower and we need you!

6.  No more nights as quiet as a mouse . . .
     A new baby is coming to the Duncan house!
     (for invitations featuring mice)

7.  Pink or blue, we wish we knew . . .
     We're planning a shower and we need you!

8.  Someone tiny and "beary" sweet
     will soon be here for you to meet!
     (for invitations featuring mice)

9.  The Jenkins are planning a colorful year . . .
     Their new baby girl will soon be here!
     (for invites with a crayon theme)

10.  Ten tiny fingers and two tiny feet . . .
      There soon will be a baby girl for all of us to meet!

11.  Somebunny sweet will soon arrive
       to add joy to our hearts and love to our lives.
       Please join us for a Baby Shower
      (for invitations featuring bunnies)

12.  They wished upon the stars above
       for a baby boy to hold and love.
       Please join us for a Baby Shower
       (for moon and stars invitations)

13.  She has the nursery ready
       but it looks a little bare
       so we're throwing her a shower
       and we hope that you'll be there!

 14.  Laughter, love and lullabies . . .
       A baby's on the way
       So let's shower Karen with love and gifts
       on a very special day!
       (for musical theme showers)

15.  Put on your best bib and tucker
       and saddle up your horse
       You're "wanted" at a shower . . .
       for Susan and Ken, of course!

16.  A special delivery from far away . . .
      Join us to celebrate in a very special way!
      (for adoptions)

17.  A special delivery is on the way . . .
     Join us to celebrate in a very special way!

18.  There'll soon be someone new on the farm
       and we can hardly wait.
       So join us for a special day
       and help us celebrate!

For suggested wording suitable for holiday baby showers, please see our collections of
Christmas Baby Shower Invitations,
Easter Baby Shower Invitations,
Fourth of July Baby Shower Invitations,
Halloween Baby Shower Invitations, and
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To see additional wording for popular themes, please visit the pages featuring designs for
Butterflies, Dragonflies and Bumblebees,  ConstructionIrishJungle and SafariCastle and Princess, and  Sports Themes.

Many additional designs are available, so if you are looking for a particular theme, just call our customer service department at (816) 769-4423 or email us at TinyTidings@TinyTidings.com.
We will be happy to let you know of available cards and to send you a free sample of the card you are considering.