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Bridal Shower Invitations - Page 1     

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For a larger view of Bridal Shower Invitations, click images below

Peacock Bridal Shower Invitations
5 x 7

Bridal Shower Invitations - Blue Wedding Flutes
Wedding Flutes - Blue
5 x 7

Eiffel Tower Bridal Shower Invitations
Eiffel Tower
5 x 7

Lotus Blossom Bridal Shower Invitations  
Lotus Blossoms
7 x 5

Wine and Cheese Bridal Shower Invitations  
Wine Border
7 x 5

Bride and Groom Coed Bridal Shower Invitations  
Bride and Groom
7 x 5"

Peacock Bridal Shower Invitations  
Peacock Feathers
7 x 5"

Leaves of Gold Bridal Shower Invitations
Glasses and Plate

5 x 7"

Butterfly Alights Bridal Shower Invites
Butterfly Alights

7 x 5"

Wedding Bridal Shower Ideas

If you are planning a Bridal Shower and want to make it extra special for the guests as well as the bride-to-be, considering choosing a theme.  It is fun to choose invitations, decorations, snacks and games to reflect the theme.  There are lots of resources online and in books for popular themes.  Below are some hard-to-find themes.

1.  Gift Basket Shower

Have each guest bring a basket, box or container filled with related items.  A pretty basket can be filled with bubble bath, shower gel and a sponge.  A laundry basket can be filled with detergent, fabric softener and clothes pins.  A picnic basket can be filled with plastic dishes and picnic supplies  This works best with groups small enough so that guests can plan their baskets together.

2.  Round the Clock Shower

Assign each guest a time of day that their gift should correspond to.  The guests should write the time on the outside of the package so they can be opened in order, from morning to night.

3.  Fill the Bookshelf Shower

Assign the guests a specific type of book (cookbook, handyman, best seller, etc) or let each guest choose their favorite for an even wider variety.  If the couple has children from previous marriages, it is also fun to bring a children's book to stock the children's bookcase.

4.  Ornament Shower

This type of shower is especially popular when the bride has already had one or more other showers. Instruct the guests to bring either an ornament or home decoration for the couple's first Christmas, or expand the theme to include trims and decorations for holidays around the year.

5.  Online Pamper the Bride Shower

This shower is a fun way friends can honor the bride and celebrate the occasion even if the bride has moved a distance from her friends and is unable to attend a traditional shower.  Suggest lightweight gifts like lingerie, movie tickets and coupons to her local spa.  The hostess should ship the gifts and invite the guests to gather at a time that the bride can be available to chat with them online as she opens the gifts. You can even arrange to have pizza delivered to both locations.