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Christian Invitations

Click on image for larger view of Christian Invitations

Pink Filigree Cross Catholic Baptism Invitations
B2448 Filigree Cross in Pink
7 x 5"

Christian Wedding Invitations - Cross and Roses
B1796 Cross and Roses
7 x 5"

Christian Invitations with a Blue Filigree Cross
B2422 Filigree Cross in Blue
7 x 5"

Confirmation Invitations - Cross and Grapes
B2474 Cross and Grapes
5 x 7"

Angel and Dove Christian Invitations with White Ribbon
C360 Angel and Dove
7 x 5"

Christian Birthday Party Invitations from Tiny Tidings
B1708 This is The Day
5 x 7"

Pink Stained Glass Christian Bridal Shower
B438 Stained Glass Window
Pink - 7 x 5"

Nativity Christmas Invitations
B1037 Nativity
7 x 5"

Blue Stained Glass Religious Invitation
B439 Stained Glass Window
Blue - 7 x 5"

Christian Themed Invitations for All Occasions

The Christian Invitations shown above are some of our most requested designs.  Our invitations are custom printed, so you may use wording for any special occasion on any of the cards.  For dozens of other religious designs, please see our collections of

Baptism and Christening Invitations
Communion Invitations
Confirmation Invitations