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Holiday Birthday Party Invitations Page 1

Holiday Birthday
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Holiday Birthday
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Holiday Birthday
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Holiday Birthday
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Holiday Birthday
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Click on image for larger view of the holiday birthday invitations

Christmas Birthday Invitation with a Reindeer Trimming the Tree
B3093 Birds and Bows
7 x 5"

Holiday Train Birthday Invitation
B2010 Cake Break
7 x 5"

Polar Bear Birthday Invitation
B2049 North Pole - Blue
7 x 5"

Christmas Angel Birthday Invitations for Girls
C2284 Birthday Angel
5 x 7"

Holiday Birthday Invitations for boys
B1013 Winter Wonderland
5 x 7"

Pink Holiday Birthday Invitations for Girls
B1012 Pink Wonderland
5 x 7"

Smiling Snowman Birthday Invitation
B3043 Smiling Snowman
7 x 5"

Pink Christmas Birthday Invitations
B1031 Pink Christmas
5 x 7"

Reindeer and Dots Christmas Birthday Invitations
B1372 Reindeer and Dots
7 x 5"

Suggested Sayings for Christmas Birthday Invitations

1.  Even when the weather is frightful
     a holiday birthday is warmly delightful!
2.  Even Santa breaks for cake . . .
      Ho-Ho-Hope you'll help us celebrate! 
3.  The holidays are especially fun
      with a little princess who is turning one!
4.  A holiday birthday is all it will take
     to put lights on the tree and candles on the cake.
5.  A holiday birthday is great, we think
      so we're dreaming of a Christmas filled with pink!
      (especially for pink Christmas Birthday Invitations)
6.   Someone sweet is turning one
      so join us for some birthday fun!
      (especially for Holiday Birthday Invitations with candy and cake designs)
7.  Another special reason to rejoice in the season!
     Please join us to celebrate Haley's 1st birthday
8.  A holiday birthday is especially great
     so please come help us celebrate!
     Luke and Lindsay Turn One
     (for parties with performer or puppet show)
9.  A holiday birthday is really great
     so come and help us celebrate
     and join us for some food and fun
     'cause our own little elf is turning one!
     (especially for our Elf Antics Christmas Birthday Invitation)
10.A holiday birthday is "beary" fun
     We're having a party and we hope you'll come!
     (for birthday invitations with a bear theme)
11. Someone "deer" is turning one . . .
       Join us for some holiday birthday fun!
      (for Christmas birthday invitations with reindeer)
12.  A holiday birthday is really great
       Come join us to skate and celebrate!
       (for skating birthday parties)
13.  A birthday is coming . . . Let's drum up some fun
       Come join the party as Grace turns one!
       (especially for our Little Drummer Christmas Birthday Invitations)
14.  If the weather outside is frightful
       a party inside will be great . . .
       So join us for some food and fun
       and help us celebrate!
15.  We'll deck the halls with boughs of holly
        'cause a holiday birthday is extra jolly!
        (for Christmas Birthday Invitations with Santa Claus)