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Construction Invitations

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Click on image for larger view of Construction Theme Invitations
Front Loader Construction Party Invitation for boys
B1668 Front Loader
5 x 7"
Wrecking Ball Construction Theme Birthday Invites
B1729 Wrecking Ball
7 x 5"
Construction birthday party invitation
B370 Under Construction
5 x 7"
Dump Truck Construction Theme Birthday Invitations
B1738 Trucks on Parade
5 x 7"
Construction Crane Birthday Invites
B1658 Construction Crane
7 x 5"
Construction Truck Birthday Invitations for boys
B1730 Construction Trucks
5 x 7"
Construction Theme Party Invites
B1749 Brick Wall
7 x 5"

Wording for Construction Party Invitations

Our invitations are custom printed, so you may use any wording you like. When deciding on the wording for invitations, you may use the sample wording shown on our online samples, use the suggestions below as a guide, or be as creative as you wish.  You may also add your own poem or verse to further personalize your card.

Construction Birthday  Invitations

1.  We can hardly believe it, but another year is done
     so roll on over and help build a load of fun!

2.  The house is a wreck but cleaning can wait
     'cause now it's time to celebrate!

3.  The excitement is "building" . . .
     We're gathering the crew -
     We're going to celebrate and we need you!

4.  We're having a party and we hope you'll come . . .
     We're going to have a truckload of fun!

Construction Baby Shower Invitations

1.  A shower is under construction
     but all the work is done.
     So roll over and help build a load of fun
    (for under construction theme baby showers)

2.  A baby is under construction
     and we're gathering the crew.
     The excitement is "building" as we make preparations
     and we need you!
    (for under construction theme baby showers)