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Farewell Invitations - Page 1

Farewell Invitations 
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Farewell Invitations
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Blue Birds Farewell Invitation
B2102 Bluebirds
5 x 7 "

Footprints Going Away Party Invites
B563 Footprints
5 x 7 "

Going Away Party Invitations
B697 On The Move
5 x 7 "

Old Map Farewell Invitations
C2044 Old Map
7 x 5"

Butterfly Farewell Party Invitation
B2155 Butterfly and Clover
7 x 5"

Farewell Dinner Invitation  
B1482 Table for Two
7 x 5"

Going Away Party Invitations

Whether someone is simply leaving the office for a  new job, or is actually packing up and moving across the country,  it is always hard to say goodbye to family and friends.  The suggested wordings below can be used for farewell and going away parties.  Our farewell party invitations are custom printed so you can use one of the examples below as a guideline or create your own completely personalized message.

Suggested Sayings

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
     May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. ~ Irish Blessing
     Please join for a Farewell Dinner

2.  Her footprints are imprinted in our lives and our hearts
     and we wish the the best as her new journey starts.
     Please join us for a Going Away Party

3.  The Carters are on the move again!
     Please join us for a Going Away Party

4.  The most precious blessings in life are set free
     when we immerge into what God designed us to be!
     Although they will be greatly missed,
     we want to share our love and good wishes with
     Chad and Kylie Harper
(perfect for butterfly theme invitations)

5.  Join us for lunch at half past noon,
    'cause someone special is leaving soon!
     Please join us in bidding a fond farewell to
     Katherine Jenkins
    (for farewell dinner invitations)

6.  He's Moving on to Greener Pastures!
     Please join us for a Farewell Dinner

7.  They took the bull by the horns and made plans to move out west,
     But we'll get together one last time and prove old friends are best!
     Please join us for a Going Away Party
     (for western theme invitations)

8.  Let's show Susan that leaving's not so bad
     We'll throw a special party that's the best she's ever had!

9.  Gosh and b'glory, it's almost moving day . . .
     So join us for a wee bit of blarney
     as we send warm wishes Tom's way!
     (for Irish themed invitations)

Roses add fragrance as each spring arrives -
      Good friends add joy throughout our lives!
      Please join us in wishing 
      James and Susan Spencer
      all the very best on their new endeavor
      (for floral invitations)

11. He's been a great friend and we wish he could stay,
      but it's time to move beyond.
      But regardless of where the waves of life lead
      he'll be a big fish in any pond!
      (for fish theme invitations)

12. Dog Gone It!
      Tim and Dana are moving away and saying goodbye will be "ruff"
      But we can make it better if we celebrate enough!
(for dog theme invitations)