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Funny Wedding Invitations - Page 1
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Funny Invitations
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Funny Invitations
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Wedding Invitations

Click on small images below for a larger view of  Funny Wedding Invitations.

Nervous Groom Humorous Wedding Invitations
B4652 Nervous Groom
7 x 5"

teddy bear wedding invitations
B288 Beary Special Couple
7 x 5"

Bride and Groom Wedding Invitations
B1091 Bride and Groom
7 x 5

Egyptian Theme Wedding Invitations
C1883 Ancient Love
7 x 5"

Silver Owl Wedding Invitations
C1815 Silver Owls
7 x 5"

Egyptian Lotus Flower Invitations
B1834 Egyptian Lotus Flower
7 x 5"

Fun Wedding Invitations - Beautiful Music
B1793 Beautiful Music
7 x 5"

Bumblebee Wedding Invitations
B1189 Buzz Buzz
7 x 5"

owl wedding invitations
B2015 Parliament
7 x 5"

Redneck Wedding Invitations
B2233 Side by Side
7 x 5"

Online Romance Wedding Invitations
B2243 The Web
7 x 5"

Troll Couple Wedding Invitations
B4704 Troll Couple
7 x 5"

Suggested Wording for Funny Wedding Invitations from Tiny Tidings

1.  Their love is sweet as honey
     and their courtship full of fun.
     Now a "beary" special couple 
     will join their lives as one!
     (for cards featuring bears)

2.  As deep as the ocean, as boundless as the sea,
     as abundant as the sand of the beach
     is how love is meant to be!
     (for beach or fish themed invitations)

3.  As unique as a seashell
     As deep as the sea
     As eternal as the waves, our love is meant to be.
     (for beach, ocean or fish themed invitations)

4.  Kindred spirits from the start
     soulmates nevermore to part . . .
     (for Halloween themed weddings)

5.  What causes true love to erupt is a mystery 
      as ancient as any marvel in history!
      (for dinosaur themed cards)

6.  Something to crow about . . .
     A wedding you should know about!
     (for cards with hen and rooster designs

7.  It takes a lot of frogs . . .
     to find your princess or your prince,
     but their love at first sight has been growing ever since.
     Together, their days have been filled with laughter
     so join Sharon and Steve as they live happily ever after!
     (for frog themed invites)

8.  A purr-fect pair . . .
     (for invites featuring cats)

9.  Caroline Harper and Thomas Fischer
     cordially invite you to join them
     as they are united in "holey" matrimony
     (for mouse and cheese designs)

10. Denise Campbell and Charles Lancaster
      invite you to join them
      as they take the big leap

Humorous designs are popular for casual informal weddings and are often the choice for a second marriage.  Since our cards are custom printed, we can use the wording of your choice on any of our designs.  All of the designs have matching thank you notes, save the date cards, response cards and reception invitations.  If the companion card you are considering is not shown on our online catalog, we will be happy to email you a sample image.  Tiny Tidings has many additional designs and themes and our customer service department will be glad to assist you in your search for the perfect wedding invitation. You are also welcome to request a free sample of the wedding invitation you are considering.