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For Larger View of Graduation Invitations Click on Small Images

Graduation Announcement - Class of 2019
B831 Class of 2019 
7 x 5"
Vintage Graduation Invitations
B1587 Graduation Nostalgia
5 x 7"
Caps Flying Graduation Invitations
B959 Caps Flying
7 x 5"
Christian Graduation Commencement Announcement
B056 Christian Commencement 
5 x 7"
Classic Graduation Invitations
C1599 Graduating Class
Gold Foil Design 
5 x 7"
Ivy League Graduation Announcements
B1595  Ivy League
5 x 7"
Black Floral Border Graduation Invitations
B2443 Black Grad Border
7 x 5"

Brown Floral Border Graduation Invitations
B2449 Brown Grad Border
7 x 5"

Double Birthday and Graduation Invitation
B3672 Birthday Grad
7 x 5"

Suggested Wording for Graduation Invitations and Announcements

1.    As caps are flying high,
       her hopes and dreams are too.
       As Caitlyn takes this giant step
       we're proud to share our joy with you.

2.    Her high school days are about to conclude
       but the past four years were just a prelude!
       (for music theme graduation invitations)

3.    The books are stacked and ready to store
       but when he goes off to college,
       there'll be even more!
       (for college-bound graduates)

4.    No more homework . . . The tests are through!
       We want to celebrate with you!

5.    The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
       and all the sweet serenity of books.
       ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
      (famous quote used for graduation invitations)

6.    2019 is finally here and it's time for graduation
       So join our happy senior
       for a special celebration!

7.    Brandon has finally crossed the finish line!
       He ran a good race but now it's through,
       and we want to celebrate his victory with you!

8.    School days are over
       and it's time to move beyond.
       But regardless of where the waves of life lead
       he'll be a big fish in any pond!

9.  The last quarter's over
     but the game has just begun...
     We're going to celebrate,
      so join us for some fun!
       (especially for sports graduation invitations)

10.  It was the best of times -
       It was the worst of times . . .
      And now it's time to party!
      Please join us for a Graduation Party

11.  Kids grow up so dog gone fast . . .
      We can't believe a year has passed!
      Please join us for
      Trevor's Kindergarten Graduation
      (especially for graduation invitations for kids)
The suggested sayings shown above are specifically for graduation invitations and announcements from Tiny Tidings.

Graduation Invitations and  Announcements

Our invitations are custom printed, so you may personalize any of our designs for high school, college, law school, preschool, home school or kindergarten graduation celebrations and parties. Our designs include sports, music, nursing, patriotic and Irish themes and our newest additions are invitations for twins or double celebrations. Many of the graduation designs are available in additional colors, so be sure to let us know if you would like a color choice that you don't see.