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For a larger view of Halloween Birthday Invitations click on small images below

Cute Witch Halloween Birthday Invitations
B3500 Wish Witch
7 x 5"

Dracula Halloween Invitations
B2139 Count the Candles
5 x 7"

Cat and Birthday Cake Halloween Invitations
B2295 Cat and Cake
7 x 5"

halloween birthday invitations
B1213 Kindred Spirits
5 x 7

Bewitched - Halloween Birthday Invitations for Girls
B761 Bewitched (Blonde Hair)
7 x 5"

Skeleton birthday invitations
B1305 Lots of Candles
5 x 7"

vampire Halloween birthday invites
B1216 Vampire and Cake
Birthday Invitation
7 x 5"

Hungry Spider Birthday Party Invitations
B3618 Hungry Spider
7 x 5"

Vampire and Bats Halloween Birthday Invitations
B189 Vampire and Bats
7 x 5"

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Suggested Wording for Spooktacular Birthday Invitations

Invitations set the mood for a "spooktacular" celebration.  Our Halloween birthday invitations are custom printed, so you
may choose one of the cards shown above, or adapt the wording on any of our designs to use for a double celebration!
Some examples of  wording suitable for the occasion are shown below.  A variety of  designs are available, 
so you can coordinate your party activities and decorations to the match the theme of the invitation.

1.   Happy Birthday, Trick or Treat
      A spooktacular party will be purr-fectly neat!
      (for invitations featuring cats)

2.  Please join us for a
     Spooktacular Halloween Birthday Party!

3.  Please join us for a howling good time
     at a birthday party for Liz Crenshaw

4.  James is turning 30 which may cause a bit of fright
      So we put our "heads" together to plan a special night!

5.  We'll have pizza, fun and candles on the cake . . .
      and please wear a costume, for goodness sake!

6.   It is no trick, we have a treat . . .
      A bewitching party for someone neat!

7.  Haley's turning one
     so join us for some Halloween birthday fun!
     (for 1st birthday parties)

8.  Please join us for a frightfully good time at
     Casey's 4th Birthday Party
     RSVP to my Mummy

9.  A Halloween birthday invitation
     for a ghostly, ghoulish celebration!

10.  We'll be "goblin" pizza and "goblin" cake
       as we say goodbye to Ned's 30s at a birthday wake!
       (For Halloween birthday  invitations with goblins)

11.  A Halloween birthday is second to none . . .
       No bones about it - We're bound to have fun!
       (for invitations with skulls or skeletons)

12.  Calling all witches, vampires and ghosts
       The Chances "vant" to be your hosts.
       Please join us for a Halloween Birthday Party

13.  A Halloween birthday is really neat 
       We'll have fun and food and a special treat!

14.  Our little pumpkin is turning one . . .
       Join us for some Halloween birthday fun!

15.  A party is brewing and we're gathering the crew . . .
       Tammi's turning 30 and we need you!
       Please join us for a Batday party honoring
       Tammi Richardson

16.  Cats and pumpkins are just one way
        to celebrate a special day!

17.  One light in the pumpkin and five more on the cake,
       a festive evening, is sure to make!
       Please join us to celebrate
       as Jacob turns 5!

18.  A party is brewing and we hope you'll come
       to a special celebration with some "spooktacular" fun!

19.  We’ll conjure up a birthday cake ‘cause a party’s in the planning.
       Come and join us for a spell . . . It’s sure to be enchanting

The suggested sayings shown above are specifically for Halloween birthday invitations from Tiny Tidings.