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For a larger view of Halloween Birthday Invites click on small images below

Witch in Flight Party Invites
B991 Flying First Class
7 x 5

Cupcakes and Witches Hats Halloween Birthday Invites
B1830 Cakes and Hats
5 x 7"

Hanging Spider Halloween Birthday Invitations
B2181 Hanging Out
7 x 5"

Blue Haunted House Halloween Birthday Invitations
B581 Spooky - Blue
7 x 5"

Baby Witch Halloween birthday invites
C1496 Bewitching Birthday
7 x 5"

Pink Halloween Invitation
B580 Spooky - Pink
7 x 5"

Halloween birthday party invitations for girls
B778 Purr-fectly Spooktacular
Pink - 5 x 7"

Blackbirds Halloween birthday party invites
B2113 Blackbirds
5 x 7"

Halloween Birthday Invites - Black Cat
B196 Purr-fectly Spooktacular
5 x 7"

Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween Birthday Party

Planning a Halloween  theme party is almost as much fun as attending one.   After seeing all our neat Halloween Themed birthday invitations, even if your birthday isn't close to Halloween, you may wish it was!  Decorating for a spooktacular party  is simple with spider webs, pumpkins and orange and black crepe paper.  If you want to be more elaborate, you can use black lights and some ghosts made from white sheets to transform your home into a haunted house. A few pieces of dry ice added to a cauldron full of warm water will create a scary fog, or you can use a smoke machine. Be sure to keep this out of the reach of small ghosts and goblins!   A quick online search for Halloween recipes will likely provide you for enough ideas to use for next year's party too.  If you would like for the guests to come dressed in costumes, be sure to include the request on the invitation. Goody bags are simple to make by filling trick or treat bags with plastic spiders and other creepy treasures.  Be sure to have a camera ready to "capture" any strange and frightening creatures that appear and don't forget to play some scary music or background sounds to set the mood!