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Birthday Invitations for Boys - Page 1

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Click on images for larger view of Birthday Party Invitations for Boys

Dinosaur and Birthday Cake Party Invitation
B2441 Cakeosaurus
5 x 7"

Horse Theme Birthday Invitation
B3657 Giddyup
7 x 5"

Pizza Party Birthday Party Invitations for Boys
B3669 Pizza Party
5 x 7"

Camouflage Birthday Invitations
B3133 Camouflage Balloons
7 x 5"

Farm Friends Birthday Invitation
B345 Farm Friends
7 x 5"

Tractor Birthday Party Invitation
B126 Delivered Fresh
7 x 5"

Reel Special Party Invitation for Boys
B3439 Reel Special Day - Boys
7 x 5

Cupcake Boys Invitation
B871 Cupcake with 1 Candle
5 x 7"

Fish Story Birthday Party Invitations
B3441 Fish Story
7 x 5"

Suggested Sayings for Birthday Invitations for Boys

1.  Tyler's turning one, and that takes the cake . . .
     So come and help us celebrate, for goodness sake!
2.  Someone sweet is turning one-
     Come join us or some birthday fun!
3.  Hurry, Hurry, Don't be late . . .
     We need you here to celebrate
      Ryan's 5th Birthday
     (for Fire Truck and Racecar birthday invitations)
4.  Muster your troops and come to attention.
     There's a party planned that we think we should mention!
     (for camo and army themed birthday parties)
5.  A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take
     to plan a celebration and have a special cake!
     (for Tractor Birthday Invitations)
6.  The Sheep says Baa, The Cow says Moo . . .
     The Cat in the loft says
     Noah's Turning Two!
     (for Farm and Barnyard Invitations)
7.  Please join the celebration - It's sure to be wild . . .
     We're planning a party for a very special child!
     (for Safari and Jungle Invitations)
8.  Join the crew and be our guest
     For birthday fun and a treasure chest.
     (for pirate themed birthday parties)
9.  The excitement is "building"
     We're gathering the crew . . .
     We're planning a party and we need you!
      (for Construction Themed Birthday Parties)
10.Put on your best bib and tucker
     and saddle up your horse.
     You're "wanted" at a birthday party
      For Lucas Paul, of course!
      (for western and cowboy themed invitations)

More suggested wording is shown on
Page 2 of Birthday Invitations for Boys.