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Holiday Moving Announcements

For larger view of Moving Announcements, click on small images below

Country Home Moving Announcements
B1420 Country Home
7 x 5

Personalized Moving Card
B1406 Row of Houses
5 x 7

moving announcements with keys
B1470 Key Ring
7 x 5"

Empty Mailbox Moving Announcements
B1448 Empty Mailbox
7 x 5

change of address card
B1431 Home Sweet Home
5 x 7

New House Address Card
B1475 Our New Home
7 x 5

front gate moving announcements
B1460 Front Gate
5 x 7

business moving announcements
B119 Mailbox
5 x 7"

Our personalized custom printed cards are the perfect way to let friends, relatives and business acquaintances know of your move.  And our unique designs are a good way to insure they will keep the card for future reference.  We have designs especially suitable for corporate or business, house warming invitations, and new home or change of address cards.  We also have a full line featuring holiday themes, so if you are moving during the winter or Christmas season, be sure to check out our exclusive collection of holiday designs.  Since our cards are custom printed, you may include a personal message or saying in your choice of ink color and font, in addition to the normal new address information.  Our announcement and invitations are 5 x 7 inches and  white envelopes are included at no additional charge.

Suggested Sayings

1.  Our family has moved . . .
      Here's our brand new address
      But don't be a stranger,
      'cause old friends are best!

2.  The key may fit a different door,
      but you're just as welcome as always before!

3.  The Andersons have moved . . .
      Here's our new address
      The door's always open,
      so please be our guest.

4.  We've added to our collection of unused keys
      We've moved again, but come visit, please.

5.  The gate is open, so come on in
      There's always a welcome for our dear friends!

6.  The city is different
      The address is new
      But the door's always open
      For dear friends like you!

7.   We'll miss you all, because old friends are best
       So be sure to save our new address

8.    We've made the move
        to our new home out west
        But please visit soon . . .
        Here's our new address

9.  We just finished moving
      and we're announcing the change . . .
      Though the address is different,
      the welcome's the same!

10.  Our old house is vacant, so you've probably guessed
        The Andersons have a new address!

11. We love Ohio and the weather is fine
        but our mailbox is empty so drop us a line.

12.  We've finished unpacking and are happy we're through
       We're hoping for company . . . and that means you!

13.  When we look out the window, we see a new view,
       but something is missing . . . good friends like you!

14.  We love it in Missouri but we miss our friends so dear
        so we're sending out a little note to let you know we're here!

15.  The boxes are empty, but the mailbox is too . . .
        We're anxious to hear from good friends like you!

16.  The boxes are unpacked and we've settled in
       So we're sending our address to family and friends

17.  The Cambridge family has moved to the beach . . .
      Here's the new address  where we can be reached

18.  Have you herd the news?
      Tim and Caroline have mooo-ved to greener pastures!
       (for cow and farm themed moving announcements)