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Traditional Pregnancy Announcements Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

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Construction Theme Pregnancy Announcements
B1658 Construction Crane
7 x 5"

Music Theme Pregnancy  Announcements
B2425 Noteworthy Baby
7 x 5"

Expecting a Baby Announcements
B594 Breaking News
7 x 5"

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements
B111 Thanksgiving Delivery
7 x 5"

Rock Star New Baby Announcement
B2432 Rock Star Baby
5 x 7"

Pick of the Patch Halloween Pregnancy Announcements
C259 Pick of the Patch
7 x 5"

Sample Wording for Pregnancy Announcements

1.  Our excitement is building . . .
     We can't wait to spread the news.
     A baby is under construction
     and we want to share our joy with you!
    (for construction theme pregnancy announcements)
2.  Breaking News!
     Steven and Karen Philips are elated to announce
     that Jacob will become a big brother in March!
3.  Noteworthy News!
     We are elated to announce
      that we will become parents in February!
     (for music themed pregnancy announcements)
4.  They don't care if it's a boy or a girl . . .
     Their little superstar is sure to rock the world!
     Amy and Steve Bowden
     are thrilled to announce that someone new
     will soon take center stage
     as they become parents in October.
     (for rock star, music and superstar themed pregnancy announcements)
5.  Guess who is expecting a special delivery!
     With great joy and thanksgiving
      Tom and Stacy Anderson
      are elated to announce that Jacob
      will be a big brother in November.
      (Perfect for our Thanksgiving Delivery Expecting Announcement)
6.   Lily can't wait until Halloween,
      Because someone new will be on the scene!
      Lily proudly announces that she is going to be a big sister!
      Jennifer and Tyler think their news can't be beat . . .
      In October this year, they're expecting a treat!
      (for Halloween themed Pregnancy Announcements)
7.   Our family of two will soon be three
      We're added someone new to our family tree.
      We are thankful for our family and friends
       and hope you will continue to share in our lives
       as we become parents in July.
8.    Hey, Diddle, Diddle
       We're expecting someone little!
9.     It's going to be a colorful year
        Someone new will soon be here!
10.   We're flying high and we can't keep still
         so here's some news that will fill the bill!
         (for pregnancy announcements with birds and ducks)
11.     Share in the panda-monium
          ('cause it's sure to be wild)
          as we prepare for the arrival
          of a "beary" special child!
          We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a baby in September.
          Hang on for updates as they become available!
          (especially for our Panda-monium card)
12.     Kaleigh doesn't mind that she'll have to share the throne . . .
          She just can't wait to have a brother or sister of her own!
          (to announce the pregnancy of a 2nd child)
13.     Ten tiny fingers and two tiny feet . . .
           There soon will be someone new for all of us to meet!
14.      Get your calendar and mark the date . . .
            There's a special reason to celebrate!
            Jim and Allison are expecting a baby!
            March 12th is the anticipated date.
            We're so excited, we can hardly wait.
15.       Bricks and mortar make a house
            but the laughter of children makes a home.
            (an Irish Proverb)
16.       We are just dropping a line
             with some reel good news!
             (for fish and fishing themed Pregnancy Announcements)
17.        Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo . . .
             We have good news to share with you!
             (for train theme announcements)
18.        What's the buzz?  Someone new will soon arrive.
              There's going to "bee" a baby in the Davidson hive!
19.         God's most beautiful thoughts bloom into children.
              (for religious Pregnancy Announcements)