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Twin Birth Announcements

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Twin Baby
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Click on small images below for a larger view of Birth Announcements for Twins

Jungle Baby Announcements for Twins
B135 Safari Smiles
7 x 5"

Bumblebee Birth Announcements for Twinss
B1357 Buzz Buzz
7 x 5"

Snug as a Bug Birth Announcements Twins
B2178 Snug as a Bug - Twins
7 x 5"

Pink and Blue Circus Train Birth Announcements for Twins
B2204 Pink and Blue Circus Train
5 x 7"

Pink and Blue Castles Birth Announcements for Twins
B2157 Pink and Blue Castles
5 x 7"

Twins Birth Announcements:  Baby Blankets
B247 Twin Baby Blankets
5 x 7"

Stork Twin Baby Announcements
B1154 Double Duty
7 x 5"

Noah's Ark Birth Announcements for Twins
B1200 Two by Two
7 x 5"

Tractor and Blocks Birth Announcement for Twins
B1204 Tractor and Blocks
7 x 5"

Construction Themed Birth Announcements for Twins
B3052 Front Loader - Pink & Blue
5 x 7"

Pink Turtle Birth Announcements for Twin Girls
B2150 Turtle Tempo - Twins
5 x 7"

Baseball Baby Announcement for Twins
B377 Two New Team Mates
5 x 7"

Suggested Wording for Twin Birth Announcements

1.  Two new babies, cute as bugs
     are here to share our kisses and hugs!
     (especially for bug and ladybug birth announcements for twins)

2.  Choo . . . Choo . . . Choo . . . Choo
     One baby is great, but we have two!
     (for twin birth announcements with trains)

3.  We proudly announce with great pride and joy
     We have a girl and we have a boy!

4.  The stork was working twice as hard
     as he headed toward the Anderson yard!

5.  Two by two, the fun begins . . .
     We proudly announce the birth of our twins!

6.  After nine months of construction, our project is done
     We have a daughter and we have a son!
      Completion Date: March 14
      (especially for construction themed birth announcements)

7.  Things are really buzzing at the Crendall Hive
     'cause two special babies have just arrived.
     (for Bumblebee theme Baby Announcements)

8.  Two royal additions to share the throne-
     A new prince and princess of our very own!
     (for castle theme birth announcements)

9.  Twenty tiny fingers and four tiny feet . . .
     Two tiny sweethearts we'd like for you to meet

10. Teddy bears and blankets of blue . . .
      One baby is great, but we have two!

11. Twice the cleats and double the bats
      and two more tiny baseball hats.
      We proudly announce the birth of our sons!
      (for baseball themed birth announcements)

12. Twice as nice and double the fun . . .
      We have a daughter and we have a son!

13. No more nights as quiet as a mouse
      There are two new babies in the Harrison House!

14.  Twice the joy and double the love . . .
       Two tiny miracles sent from above!

15.  Santa made a list and checked it twice
       'cause there are two new names
       and that's doubly nice!
       (for Christmas baby announcements for twins)

The suggested sayings shown above are specifically for birth announcements for twins from Tiny Tidings.