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Twins Christmas Birthday Invitations - Page 7

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Twin Girl- 5 

Twin Boy - 6

Christmas - 7

Click on image for larger view of Twins Christmas Birthday Invitations

Christmas Birthday Invitations for Twin Girls
B1680 Pink Santa Bear-Twins
5 x 7"

Penguin Birthday Invitations for Twins
C2045 Cool Birthday
7 x 5"

Christmas Birthday Invitations for Twin Boys
B1681 Blue Santa Bear-Twins
5 x 7"

Holiday Duet Twins Birthday Invitation
C1205 Holiday Duet
7 x 5"

Holiday Birthday Invitations for Twins
B2040 Holly-day Birthdays
5 x 7"

holiday birthday party invitations for twins
B530 Holiday Birthday Party
7 x 5"

Snowman Birthday Invitations for Twins
B294 Snow Couple - Pink
7 x 5"

Holiday Birthday Invitations for Twins
B1067 Checking it Twice
7 x 5"

Winter Birthday Party Invitations for Girls
B770 Snow Couple
7 x 5"


Suggested Sayings for Holiday Birthday Invitations for Twins

1.  We'll have lights on the tree
     and candles on the cake . . .
     The twins are turning four,
     so help us celebrate!

2.  Two "beary" sweet babies are turning one . . .
     Come join us for some birthday fun!
    (for birthday invitations featuring bears)

3.  In case you need another reason
     to celebrate this winter season . . .
     Tammy and Tyler are Turning 6!

4.  Something to celebrate
      as the weather gets colder . . .
      Two dino-mite kids will be a year older!
      (for Dinosaur themed invitations)

5.  Holiday birthdays are really great . . .
     And we have two to celebrate!

6.  The girls are turning four and that takes the cake . . .
     So come and help us celebrate, for goodness sake!

7.  Two special birthdays are on the way . . .
     So join us for a "beary" special day!
     (for birthday invitations featuring bears)

Suggested wording for other Twin Birthday Invitations is shown on Page 3 of Twins Birthday Invitations.