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Birthday Invitations for Twins - Page 3

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Twin Girl- 5 

Twin Boy - 6

Christmas - 7

Click on image for larger view of birthday invitations  for twins

Twin Monkey Birthday Party Invitations
B1987 Monkey Business
5 x 7"

Pink and Blue Train Birthday Invitations for Twins
B2204 Pink and Blue Circus Train
5 x 7"

"Ducky Birthday Invitations for Twins
B1435 Ducky
5 x 7"

Birthday Bikers Invitations for Twins
B1139 Birthday Bikers
5 x 7"

Halloween Birthday Invitations for Twins
B724 Partners in Time
7 x 5"

Twin birthday invitations
B2262 Cupcake Border
5 x 7

Purr-fectly Spooktacular Birthday Party Invitations
B2022 Purr-fectly Spooktacular
5 x 7"

Halloween Theme Birthday Invitations for Twins
B1095 Jack-o-Lanterns
5 x 7"

Halloween Birthday Invitations for Twins
B1213 Kindred Spirits
5 x 7"

Suggested Sayings

1.  Our Twins' 1st Birthday Celebration
     is a doubly special occasion!
2.  Two by two, the fun begins . . .
     A 1st Birthday Party
     for the Davis twins!
3.  It's been a very colorful year 
     We can believe it's done . . .
     Please join us for a celebration
     as our twins turn one!
4.  Sail on over for some birthday fun
     Danny and David are Turning One!
5.  1st Birthdays are special and parties are fun.
     Please help us celebrate
     as Holly and Hannah turn 1!
6.  Two special birthdays are almost here
     Come join us for some 1st Birthday cheer!
7.  The cow's so excited,
     she's jumping clear over the moon.
     We're planning a party and you're invited
     The twins are turning one soon!
8.  Here's a special invitation
     for a special celebration
     Jared and Jacob are turning 1
     We're having a party.  We hope you'll come!
9.  A double celebration for a special girl and boy
     Join in the festivities and share the fun and joy!
10. A Twin Birthday Celebration
     and here's your invitation!
11. Red, yellow, green blue . . .
     Rachel and Robert's
     1st year is nearly through!
     Please join us in celebrating
12. Rachel and Rebecca will soon finish their first year
      We're planning a big party, and we hope that you'll be here!
13. Join us for fun, games, cake and ice cream
      as we plan a celebration for the smallest Davis team!