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Birthday Invitations for Twins - Page 1

Twin Page 1

 Twin Page 2

Twin Page 3

Twin Page 4

Twin Girl- 5 

Twin Boy - 6

Christmas - 7

Click on image for larger view of birthday invitations  for twins

Castle Birthday Party Invitations
B2157 Pink and Blue Castles
5 x 7"

Halloween Goblins Birthday Invitations for Twins
B4630 Two Little Goblins
5 x 7"

Cupcake Twins Birthday Invitation
B1173 Pink and Blue Cupcakes
5 x 7"

Circus Train Twins
B218 Circus Train
5 x 7"

Dracula Halloween Birthday Invitations for Twins
B2139 Count the Candles
5 x 7"

Roller Skating Party Invitations for Twins
B1630 Roller Skates
5 x 7"

Double Celebration Birthday Party Invitations
B219 Double Celebration
5 x 7"

Twins Party Invitations
B027 Castle Gate for Twins
5 x 7"

Pink and Blue Birthday Invitations for Twins
B1497 Pastel Bears & Balloons
5 x 7"

Suggested Sayings for Twin Birthday Invitations

1.  One birthday is fun, but we're having two . . .
     We're planning a party, and we need you!
2.  The elephants are smiling
     and the zebras have grins too . . .
     We're planning a birthday party
     and we need you! 
3.  Our little sluggers are turning four . . .
     Join us for fun, food and more!
     (for baseball themed parties)
4.  A double celebration . . . What could be more fun?
     We hope you'll come and join us as
     Elizabeth and Catherine turn One!
5.  Teddy bears and blankets of blue . . .
     The twins' first year is nearly through!
6.  A-B-C and 1-2-3
     The Davis Twins are Turning Three!
7.  What's the buzz?  Two birthdays are near . . .
     We're planning a party and we hope you'll "bee" here!
     (for bumblebee theme invitations)
8.  The stage is set for double the fun
     So come celebrate as
     Luke and Lindsay Turn One
     (for parties with performer or puppet show)
9.  One birthday's fun, but we're having two . . .
     We're planning a "bear-y" special day
     and we need you!
     (for teddy bear invitations)
10.A tractor and two birthdays
      is all that it will take
      to plan a celebration
      and have two special cakes!
      (for tractor and farm themed invitations)
11. It's been a bear-y busy year.
     We can't believe it's through
     Please come and help us celebrate
     as our twins turn two!
     (for 2nd birthday parties featuring teddy bears)

More suggested wording is shown on Page 3 of Twins Birthday Invitations.

Planning a Party for Twins

A birthday party for twins can provide twice the fun and excitement.  With careful planning you can save time and money by having two parties in one, but don't forget that the celebration is for two separate individuals.  For the first few years, a single theme may work well, however as the twins get older, they will probably each prefer to have a portion of the party devoted especially to them.  If both guests of honor like the same cartoon, movie or theme, you can plan your decorations around two different characters from that theme.  If the party is for one boy and one girl, or the twins have very different preferences, it takes extra planning to incorporate the favorites of each into the party. You may wish to have a separate gift table for each guest of honor, each with its own decorations and color theme.  Another common solution is to have a long folding table with each end decorated separately.  By including one color in both themes, that color can be used for a large bouquet of balloons above the center of the table.   A single cake can be decorated simply to fit both themes, or half and half to feature two themes.  If each twin prefers to have their own cake, placing cakes at opposite ends of a long table is attractive.  An idea that especially appeals to younger guests is to have a small cake with candles (for the "make a wish" tradition) and decorated cupcakes for the guests.  This is an practical way to meet the requests of each honoree and the colorful arrangement of cupcakes double as a festive table decoration.  When it is time to blow out the candles, be sure to sing the birthday song twice!