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Baby Shower Invitations
Construction, Cars, Airplanes and Trains

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For larger view of Baby Shower Invitations with Construction, Cars, Planes and Trains click images

Front Loader Under Construction Baby Shower Invites
B1268 Front Loader
5 x 7"
Construction Crane Baby Shower Invites
B1658 Construction Crane
7 x 5"
Construction theme shower invitation
B370 Under Construction
5 x 7"
Firetruck baby shower invitations
B241 Fire Truck
5 x 7"
Toy Car Baby Shower Invitations
B248 Toy Car
7 x 5"
Airplane Theme Baby Shower Invitations
B1256 Flying High
5 x 7"
Circus Train Shower Invitations
B217 Circus Train
5 x 7"

Wording for Construction, Planes and Trains Baby Shower Invitations

Our baby shower invitations are custom printed, so you may use any wording you like. When deciding on the wording for baby shower invitations, you may use the sample wording shown on our online samples, use the suggestions below as a guide, or be as creative as you wish.  You may also add your own poem or verse to completely personalize your baby shower invitation.

1.  A shower is under construction
     but all the work is done.
     So roll over and help build a load of fun
    (for under construction theme baby showers)

2.  A baby is under construction
     and we're gathering the crew.
     The excitement is "building" as we make preparations
     and we need you!
    (for under construction theme baby showers)

3.  Hot news . . . A baby is on the way
     So join us as we shower Jane
     on a very special day
    (for baby shower invitations featuring fire trucks)

4.  They're flying high and full of joy . . .
     The Harpers are having a baby boy!
     (for airplane theme baby showers)

5.  Choo, choo, choo, choo . . .
     We're planning a shower for someone new!
     Please join us for a baby shower
    (for baby shower invitations featuring choo choo trains)